Hayleigh Bennett

If you're someone who struggles to get motivated when it comes to fitness, can't seem to get a routine into place or just have no idea where to begin secure your complimentary session with Hayleigh to discuss your goals and work out the best way for you to get fit and healthy.

Hayleigh specialises in helping women lose weight and achieve their dream bodies through boxfit, HIIT and functional weight training. After going through her own weight loss journey Hayleigh understands what it takes to start a training program and stick to it, with her unique experiences she will have you reaching and surpassing your goals.

Email her today to secure a complimentary training session.

Train with Hayleigh to receive:

Personal training sessions
Complimentary towel & water
Supplements during session
Eat Run Lift drink shaker
Stretch & massage
Subscription to Eat Run Lift
50% off eBooks
15% off supplements
Group training sessions
Personal boxing glove set
Progress photo shoots