Ry Imhoff

Feeling unmotivated? Let yourself had a few too many cheat meals this month.. hell, even this year? It's not as easy as just picking a goal and hoping you'll achieve it, you need the right mindset to help you get there. Let Ry help you with his combination of in-studio training and mindset coaching!

Ry is Eat Run Lift's X-HIIT weight loss specialist. If you're unfamiliar with X-HIIT it's the perfect way to fire up your metabolism and get your body burning fat, without doing the same repetitive programs that will leave you feeling bored in the gym. This is done through Ry's combination of HIIT and crossfit styles of training. This training style coupled with the monthly mindset mentoring from Ry will have you feeling confident and help you reach those goals you set that you could never seem to get to on your own before.

Train with Ry to receive:

Personal training sessions
Complimentary towel & water
Supplements during session
Stretch & massage
Subscription to Eat Run Lift
15% off supplements
50% off eBooks
At-home circuit program
Eat Run Lift bootcamps
Training Diary
Monthly mindset coaching
X-HIIT Pack (wrist straps, knee guards, training gloves)