Sarah Heath


So many times you have heard that voice in your head holding you back, "You can't do it” or, “It’s too hard”. That voice is what has lead you to be unhappy with the way you look and feel. It’s time for a new voice to enter your life, the voice of Sarah, Eat Run Lift’s “Mind-Set Training Specialist”. Whether it's an old injury sitting in the back of your mind, self-doubt and the judgement of others, the coaching and belief Sarah has for you will help demolish all negativity you hold, and help you achieve the results you want. You know you want to make a positive choice, choose Sarah today by booking in a complimentary session now!

Train with Sarah to receive:

Personal training sessions
A personalised sports performance program
50% off eBooks
15% off supplements
Stretch & massage
Complimentary towel & water
Postural and functional movement assessment
Complimentary bootcamps
Quick wraps
Nutrition tracking
10% off PunchFit accessories
Foam roller